Saturday, 25 October 2014

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review

The Borderlands franchise has gone a long way since it's first game in 2009, followed by
Borderlands 2 in 2012. Now in 2014 we have Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!!!

When i began playing the game, i noticed that the humour remained intact and the weapons remained quite the same, in style and when shooting. I began the game as Wilhelm the Enforcer, due to me taking a huge liking to him from when he was first revealed to me. I completed the game within about 2 days. The game finished at around the level 26-28 mark, which in fact is just slightly shorter than Borderlands 2 (Which finished at around level 30) although the main story missions were at a decent quality, I found that the side missions were rather boring, as it was always go there, shoot that, come back, repeating quite a bit in the game.

The bosses that I fought were well designed and i thought that it was a good idea to give the bosses (as well as the characters) more dialog in the game. This was one of the most sought for features. One boss that i found quite fun to fight would have been the Boson, because you couldn't just gun him down, you had to think strategically and take down the shield generators.

The 2 new weapons we saw in the game would be the cryogenic and laser weapons. I found the cryo weapons amazing, you could just freeze your enemy then use a melee attack to finish them of, this was a great feature, allowing a larger range of techniques to be chosen for action, the laser weapons also provided a whole new genre of guns these ranged from the slow-but powerful railguns to the inaccurate beam. The 4 manufacturers for the laser weapons are Maliwan, Hyperion, Dahl and Tediore, all of which you'll have a blast with.

Lastly the characters. Wilhelm the Enforcer was a little weak and vulnerable towards the start, however as you move through the games various missions you'll notice him becoming an absolute tank, no matter what skill tree you chose, i would personally recommend the Hunter Killer skill tree which focuses mainly on Wolf and how much damage your bot can deal.

Athena the Gladiator right from the beginning was an absolute insanely cool character to play, with her Captain America style. Her first skill tree Phalanx shall provide you with this power. When you play as Athena you don't actually want to dodge the bullets, you want to whip out your shield, absorb as much damage as possible an throw it all back...with double the power!!!

Nisha the Lawbringer was an absolute powerhouse from level 1 all the way up to level 50. I have her at level 50 and she provides the support for the whole team, however this can come across as annoying, as you are just taking out every enemy in your radius within 5 seconds. Her first skill tree (Law and Order) failed to show me any real potential, however the other two skill trees shall make you ready for invulnerability.

Last but certainly not least is our little robotic friend (or fiend) Claptrap the Fragtrap, who has undergone quite the transformation from the harmless annoying robot we grew to love or hate to the combat ready killing machine. Claptrap is by far the most random character that i have come to meet. When you play as him you will first discover his action skill which selects which action package would be best for you, depending on your current situation (Health, friends etc) Claptrap plays the role of team supporter, every team needs a Claptrap.

To conclude i would give Borderlands The Pre-Sequel a rating of 8.7/10.